Black Chef Africa Scholarship

The BCA FOUNDATION is a CMK Culinary initiative scholarship program designed to help young and passionate aspiring chefs across Africa 🌍, to achieve their dreams of becoming professional chefs.

CMK Alumni

Our Aim

To provide that platform for young and passionate African chefs to rise through culinary initiatives.


To develop and breed the next generation of chefs

The process

The Process

Through the BCA Foundation, all culinary scholarship program will be competitive, giving every selected participant the opportunity to prove their inner strength. The board of CMK Culinary through this initiative has agreed on a perfectly designed system that will enable us pick the best candidates across Africa, starting with Nigeria in this first edition.

How to Join BCA?

To qualify for the BCA scholarship, one needs to pass through the following stages.


All interested participants will make a 1-minute video of themselves telling or showing us why he/she deserves an opportunity to enter for the scholarship. Video must not exceed 1-minute and should be sent to us via email to with the participant's Facebook and Instagram handles


    All videos will be uploaded on the following handles @cmkculinary, @bcafoundation and the participant will be tagged.


      • 01.

        Participants will encourage his/her followers, fan, family to Like and Follow @cmkculinary and @bcafoundation.

      • 02.

        Write a convincing testimonial about the contestant why he/she should be selected.

      • 03.

        Tag others to do so to increase your chance.


      Our team of judges will critically go through the videos at the end of voting period to select the best 10 contestant across Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Africa.


        All 10 selected contestants will be invited over to compete for the Full / Half / Quarter scholarships offered by the BCA Foundation.

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